June 30, 2018

Succeed at Business - Be A Love Cat

Fifteen years ago, I read a book that positively changed my approach to business forever. I discovered "Love is the Killer App" which helps you open up your network, share your knowledge, and be compassionate to others so they can be successful in their careers. The author Tim Sanders is a coach, motivational speaker and former executive of Yahoo that has transformed the world with his vision of how to thrive at business. Tim inspires you to become a "Love Cat" by spreading his philosophy that will not only improve others, but yourself. I took his philosophy and applied it to social media to build a strong professional network.

Network: Build relationships by connecting people

During a recent LinkedIn Local Cleveland, I had the opportunity to speak about the three steps it takes to be a "Love Cat" and how I've successfully applied  those steps to LinkedIn. I told the audience, the first step of "Love is the Killer App" is to open up your network. As a professional, if you meet someone new or if you discover a person in your network that needs help, instantly connect them to someone that can assist them. My rule of thumb on LinkedIn is to connect to people I've only met. If I receive a connection request and I don't know the person, I like to reach out to them and find out how they found me. If I get to know them, it first makes it easier to connect them to when something relevant comes up. Also when I have something relevant to share with my connections, knowing who they are makes it easier to personalize. Treat LinkedIn like it's an old-fashioned Rolodex.

Knowledge: Make that other person stronger

That brings us to the next step which is to continually share your knowledge with your network. Instead of keeping your knowledge locked inside your head, let it out, and help others. In the process, you'll be amazed what you will learn and how it will transform the way you do business. On LinkedIn, I constantly try to share inspiring posts, trends, and my experiences with my connections. Your audience should look forward to reading what you write like a drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

Compassion: Wish people happiness in their career

The third step in being a "Love Cat" is to be compassionate and uplift others to be successful in their careers. Most of us don't want just a job, we want to develop and grow our careers so we stay competitive. Constantly keeping in touch, giving professional advice, and offering business leads at all times is how I've discovered to be compassionate through LinkedIn.

In my experience, LinkedIn has been a tremendous resource but it's only a tool without applying the teachings from Tim Sander's book "Love is the Killer App". His book gives you tangible steps that you can immediately apply and instantly see results in the way you do business - not only online but in real life. I have to admit the philosophy does from time-to-time take you outside your comfort zone but it pays back in dividends. Not only do you get to help others, but it makes you a stronger individual at the same time. I am living proof that if you develop this skill, you can connect with others you respect. I personally linked up with colleagues, authors, visionaries, and artists that I regard because I opened up my mind by becoming a Love Cat and so can you!

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