October 16, 2021

Be Inspired

Jakob Nielsen's 2001 book Homepage Usability was groundbreaking not only because it delivered practical guidelines for designing or writing websites but inspired me to become an author. The clear examples backed up with dramatic evidence made this work a reference manual for quality design for many years. Jakob always does extensive usability testing with real people to provide practical insights to build user-centric products. However, some of his recommendations have caused quite a stir, "do you remember what he said about Flash"? 

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Jakob Nielsen, and he took a picture with me. This day was rare because I remembered to ask for a photo from a celebrity. It also served as a catalyst to complete my second book, Make Your Customers Dance - The Key to User Experience is Knowing Your Audience.

Inspiration is a funny thing because it is hard to know when it may strike. However, clearing your mind, thinking positively, and relaxing your body can foster creative thinking. Thanks to Jakob for the inspiration to become an author. His book inspired me to synthesize complex subjects into digestible themes to propel the industry forward. I hope you find inspiration from those you admire. Thank you for your continued support of my new book and, I hope it inspires you. 

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