February 13, 2021

Behind The Scenes Creating Commercials

How do you create a commercial? Watch this behind the scenes timelapse video of the day of the video shoot. If you have always wanted to know how to do one yourself, below are some of the important steps.

Steps to a Video Shoot

  1. Create a storyboard - Sketch out the themes of each commercial. This includes rough actions and dialogue that are said in each frame.
  2. Write up the script - Write up exactly what would be said in each frame.
  3. Find a producer, videographer, editor, and animator. Thank you to Mike Comstock.
  4. Find actors - To bring the story to life, hire actors to star in the video. Thank you to Mark Mazzocco.
  5. Get props - Select the proper wardrobe and equipment outlined in the script.
  6. Scout a location -  Secure a venue to use as the backdrop. Thank you to Shynok Party Center.
  7. Equipment - Gather the cameras, lighting, and portable green screen.
  8. Voice over artist - Recite the script to push the story forward.
  9. Music production - Compose original music to shape the mood of each scene.
  10. Director - Hire a director to manage the timing and energy of the day.

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