June 10, 2021

ContentTech Summit 2021

I was honored to present with Tony Turner at the ContentTech Summit 2021. During this session, we asked the audience to recite the question, "Did I guide the user to the next step?" This different approach creates content that generates a profitable outcome for your product because in order to guide them you need to understand their needs. However, in order to this, you need to know your audience and think like a DJ. The common reason companies don't achieve this level of success is because they fail to understand their audience's needs and keep it simple. One way to do that is to follow the plain language guidelines.

Ways to keep language simple:

  • Use short simple words
  • Write short sentences
  • Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations
  • Use active voice in the present tense
  • Use correct grammar and spelling
  • Remove proper nouns

Thanks again to the ContentTech Summit staff for the support of the new book Make Your Customers Dance.

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