October 11, 2017

Hire an UXpert

What is an UXpert? User experience experts are passionate about finding out how people are using products differently than they were designed. They make adjustments to discover improvements to make users happy and get their work done more efficiently - ultimately they want to make businesses more profitable. Being an UXpert is challenging because you need to be scientific yet creative and good listeners but not jump to conclusions. These unique UX professionals have a careful blend of research, design and usability testing skills - this is not a technical position.

How do UXperts add value? UXperts know how to bring teams together to collaborate, brainstorm and develop unique ideas for iteration. They present strategic user-centric information at key moments during the design process to assist in making important decisions.  The research based information that UXperts deliver is timely and appropriate for the situation at hand. However if there is one word that best describes the fabric of this career path and lays the foundation of this individuals lens of the world is "emphatic". Trying to step in the user's shoes and continuously ask questions like a three year old is what makes UXperts tick.

What do you look for when hiring an UXpert? You want to hire an individual that understands the audience is first, asks the right questions before making judgement, has strong problem solving skills, performs usability testing prior to development, and is proficient in design best practices. You are not hiring a UX unicorn that knows both coding and design. You are hiring an expert that knows research is the basis of user experience and conducting a user centered design process is critical to building a successful product. 

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