December 5, 2017

Sometimes You Just Never Know

A decade ago, I released my last album "Disruptive Pattern" with Move23, it was a group effort that was written over a ninety day period. We wrote over thirty songs and it was challenging to pick out our favorites for the final cut. With this new album, released in December 2017, I took a different approach and had to learn some new software along the way.

This album "Sometimes You Just Never Know" (SYJNK) is eclectic in sound and rhythm but remains an instrumental piano based effort.  I was inspired to complete the album after writing the theme song to "Video Fever" - it's a YouTube puppet show set in space. For the sci-fi theme song, I started by sketching out the basis of the tune by humming some rough melodies throughout the day into my iPhone.  I then took those snippets and transposed them into analog recordings by playing them on my synthesizer into my laptop. After writing various theme show jingles, it awakened an additional flood of songs.

This tsunami of tunes became the basis of the tracks on this new effort. During the recording process, I would take music I liked that was created during the day and transpose it into extended plays at night. How? I generally laid down the beat first and then put a piano melody over the top of it. After a few months of creating these segments, I realized that I just might have a whole album on my hands.

However there was just one issue, I discovered that the old way I recorded songs - ten years ago - by recording each melody as analog tracks from my synth to my computer was not proficient. Why? The old way was too rigorous because if I made a mistake, I would have to re-record the track. Also it was clear that the audio quality was lower and the ability to expand instruments was limited.  Thus, I switched to digital, MIDI, which required learning to play my synth differently, new audio recording software, and how to produce music digitally.

This album is my fourth audio adventure and it's the most that I’ve ever musically experimented.  Thanks to all my friends and family that helped me shape this release. I hope you enjoy the new music and thanks again for your support over the years.

You can purchase the music on Amazon or checkout a sample on SoundCloud.

syjnk-cd If you would like to purchase a signed physical copy of the latest CD "Sometimes You Just Never Know" for $8.99 USD which includes shipping and handling, please follow the link below.

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