January 14, 2021

Step Into The User's Shoes - Book Commercial

Feeling down? Need to improve your business? You need to make your customer’s dance! Can you believe multiple products get created each year without customer feedback? The only way to build a successful product is to step into the customer’s shoes! How do you do that, you ask?

Think about the traditional light bulb. Over time people realized it became hot and consumed a lot of energy. Could there be something better? Constant versions were tested with participants until they landed on one that worked best. Now the LED bulb stays cool and is energy efficient. The same goes for apps. Countless improvements are constantly being made around your needs to make a more productive and pleasant experience.

Think of your app like a dancefloor - you don’t want people to leave. You need to keep people out there - do whatever it takes! There you go! You gotta start dancing. Discover the secrets of user-centered design.

Check out the book to learn more!

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Find out how to make more money and help users get things done.

Discover how to perform user-centered design and where to start.

Make Your Customers Dance

Marc A. Majers

User experience leader, author, and DJ that is collaborative in each moment to inspire continual learning and positive feelings
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