March 13, 2021

Take the 1% Challenge

How do you learn something new each day? Take the 1% Challenge. Each day, push yourself to spend 10 minutes of your waking day learning something new.

Turn a problem into a learning opportunity. As humans, we have a tendency to want to figure out things on our own. As a rule of thumb, after ten minutes if you get stuck, reach out for help. Don't spin your wheels too long when there are so many options to find a solution.

If it's urgent reach out to a friend. The best way to figure out something is to ask a subject matter expert. Use the opportunity to build a relationship with someone else. If it's not urgent, do a web search, find a book or online course that can help. Also, this is another opportunity to reach out to a friend and build a relationship with someone else.

Thanks to Heather Fisher at Progressive Insurance for the inspiration to write the speech. I had the opportunity to present this topic at Progressive's Tech Talks.

Download "Take the 1% Challenge" infographic

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