January 11, 2020

Using Your Draft Box

How do you keep track of your ideas? How are you ready to put them into action? One trick that I have done to stay organized over the years is to utilize your draft box to collect ideas.

Let's just say you came out of a meeting with an incredible idea, but the timing isn't right. Type up the idea in an email and save it in your draft box. When the timing is right, then send the email. The timing may not come for a few weeks or even months later, however you can rest assured the idea is there waiting. Ideas are only good when they can be executed. Ideas introduced too early or ones that haven't been thought out completely miss the mark. Use your email draft to your message, use it to your advantage, and when an idea strikes put in draft first. Even if you wait 24 hours, it's better than sending it out immediately to let it simmer. The next time you get that great idea put it in your draft box first, then wait for the right time to send it!

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