Marc Majers
Marc A. Majers
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User Experience Leader, Author, DJ

Collaborative in each moment to inspire continual learning and positive feelings

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My Short Story

Marc A. Majers is a Professional DJ and User Experience Consultant.
Marc is an accomplished Sr. User Experience leader, published author, and adjunct professor with 20+ years of experience improving the user experience for websites, software, and applications. Holds a genuine understanding of cognitive processes and how they influence human-computer interactions (HCI). He is well-versed in creating efficiencies and experienced working with multidisciplinary teams, in both Agile and Waterfall environments.
He is the author of Make Your Customers Dance and Don't Fear The Forward - The Secret to Building Successful Websites and Make Your Customers Dance - The Key To User Experience Is Knowing Your Audience. He has instructed at Web Design at Cuyahoga Community College, Kent State University, and the University of Akron.
He uses research, data, and testing to drive design that produces demonstrated results, improves the bottom line, and inspires innovation. Marc creates strategic, efficient, and user-friendly designs with an understanding of business goals, users’ needs, and technical considerations. He received a MarCom award for the best-redesigned website, NEOSA's best interview/application, and a Marketing Sherpa Email Award for the most dramatic test results.
He has a Master of Science in Information Architecture & Knowledge Management with an emphasis in User Experience Design from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Bowling Green State University. He is Google Analytics certified, UX Certified from Nielsen Norman Group and a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) from Human Factors International.
He is also the creator of Leading Hands Through Technology and Better World Day to keep nonprofits up with digital trends. He hosts the podcasts UX Pathways and Tunesmate.
Follow him on Twitter @marcmajers


Voice-over, DJing, and emceeing special events


Visual and communication design to meet user's needs.


Discover what makes customers tick and what will keep them engaged


Build 508 compliant apps that meet your organization's goals 

My Skills

My goal as a talented, passionate, and collaborative leader is to identify user needs, understand technical
constraints, and align with product goals to minimize rework, create a profit, and make customers happy..


  • Marc is the ultimate professional. He is extremely dedicated, motivated, hard-working, creative and committed. He is very knowledgeable and constantly strives to learn more and remain up-to-date, or even ahead of the curve. He is a pleasure to work with, and working with him means getting results.


  • Marc is extremely energetic and creative. He is very proactive in pitching great ideas, but also is a great team player when decisions are made. I worked with Marc for four years, during which time I decided to implement countless concepts that he pitched. From both a strategic and an executional perspective, Marc was a definite go-to guy. Marc was a great teammate who I wouldn't hesitate to work with again. In fact, I'm hopeful our paths will cross again at some point.


  • Of all colleagues past and present, Marc is hands down one of the most enthusiastic and professional individuals that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge and experience is evident in all that he does and his motivation and charisma is unparalleled. Interning under Marc was an invaluable experience and I'm extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to do so.


Marc A. Majers

User experience leader, author, and DJ that is collaborative in each moment to inspire continual learning and positive feelings
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