Paperback: Make Your Customers Dance: The Key To User Experience Is Knowing Your Audience

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Discover how to increase profits, give customers what they need, and have them leave happy. In "Make Your Customers Dance", we compare user experience to DJing a wedding reception. Whether it's an app, website, or even a party, it's important to create an experience that delivers what users need, makes them happy, and keeps them coming back for more. Knowing the audience will pack the dancefloor, however technology is constantly changing, audiences evolve, and business goals shift. Trying to understand a user's expectations and what influences their decision-making takes time and effort. In this book, find out what user experience is, how it can make or break a product, what it takes to conduct it, how to perform user-centered design, and where to start. Ultimately organizations want to make money and customers want to get things done, so it's the user experience that is the differentiator.

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Marc A. Majers

User experience leader, author, and DJ that is collaborative in each moment to inspire continual learning and positive feelings
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