January 8, 2024

Main Street Mindset

This quote inspired me, "When building a product, it helps to move from a Wall Street to a Main Street mindset." Main Street is associated with local communities, small businesses, and the daily lives of ordinary people. On the other hand, Wall Street is associated with big city professionals in the financial industry and large-scale economic global transactions. Switching to the Main Street mindset is staying focused on getting feedback from people who use the system, rather than the Wall Street mindset from professionals building the system. Both are valuable sources of feedback, but the best path is inviting professionals building the system to watch people use the system.

When building a product, system, or environment, what steps are being taken in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLS) to ensure the people using it are testing it before launch? There are many ways to achieve this goal, but the best way is to include the user-centered design (UCD) process in the SDLS. It means Shifting-Left and building discovery time into the SDLS to test with users.

Before usability testing, focus on research goals and follow the Goldilocks theory of building prototypes. Ensure business goals and technical constraints converge with user goals. Usability test regularly, map key performance indicators (KPIs) and continue to monitor backlog for continuous improvement.

How do I move to a Main Street mindset?

  1. Shift-left and build discovery time into the SDLS to test with users.
  2. Focus on research goals before conducting user research.
  3. Understand business goals and technical constraints.
  4. Understand the Goldilocks theory of building prototypes.
  5. Usability test regularly and consider design sprints.
  6. Map KPIs and continue to monitor backlog for continuous improvement.

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