April 5, 2015

The Value Of The UX Report

A usability report is a deliverable that is an important relationship builder with your clients, so you need to make sure it's interesting to keep your audience engaged. Conducting remote usability research adds a sense of realistic observation and quality to a report like no other. Quantitative and qualitative data are gathered from unmoderated specific tasks and survey questions. Adding heatmaps, path and task analysis from remote observations give your report life.

I had the opportunity to conduct a remote usability study using Loop11 and I liked the testing tool. It was simple for the participant to use and for the researcher to setup. The data provided from Loop11 helped generate a report that was engaging and informative - it also gave me feedback to make recommendations for future improvements. During my study I reviewed a popular travel planning site Hipmunk and I was surprised that users had difficulty choosing a flight once they got results. Loop11 provided the paths users went after they received results and many went to deals or searched again.

Loop11 is a strong remote testing tool and provides valuable data. If you need to build a strong usability report look to leveraging data from remote usability testing to win over your audience and make them believe in your results.

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