November 17, 2023

Tips on Writing a Book

Many people have asked what it takes to create a book. Below are some quick tips to focus your energy to develop a printed or written literary work.

  1. Disconnect from digital

    I discovered that writing on digital platforms constantly makes grammatical corrections. Disconnect from digital and write your ideas down before you start on digital. If you have to use digital, use a program like "Text Edit" that does not autocorrect.

  2. Look for a unique angle

    Define what is your unique selling principle (USP). If a person picks up your book to read it, what will make your book stand out from the rest?

  3. Write voraciously

    Editing the book means taking everything that has been written and cutting it in half. The best route is to write everything you can possibly think of so it can be edited later.

  4. Keep ideas in themes

    When writing your ideas, keep them written in themes or subjects that are loosely related together. If you write your ideas down this way, it will be easier later when you need to assemble everything into a cohesive thought.

  5. Pace yourself and set goals

    Each time I wrote a book, I never thought I would write another. Writing a book is a journey so take your time writing it and take breaks but set quarterly goals to keep motivated.

Here is a link to the books that I have written.

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